About DNA Diagnostics, Inc.


DNA Diagnostics, Inc. is a forensic service company that provides DNA testing and the scientific review and analysis of DNA test results performed in forensic casework. DNA Diagnostics, Inc. offers instructional seminars and workshops in the ABCs of DNA typing, the use of forensic DNA technology in the legal community, courtroom strategies, and effective presentation of DNA evidence at trial. DNA Diagnostics, Inc. has more than 20 years experience in forensic DNA analysis for clients worldwide.


Types of Forensic Cases

  • Criminal Cases
  • Paternity Cases
  • Forensic Parentage

Forensic DNA Analysis and Expert Witness Testimony

  • DNA Diagnostics, Inc. has provided forensic DNA analysis and expert testimony and consultation for more than 350 cases in nineteen (19) states, Canada, three (3) European countries, and three (3) territories
  • DNA Diagnostics, Inc. provides case review and expertise for criminal investigations
  • DNA Diagnostics, Inc. provides case review and expertise to support identifications
  • DNA Diagnostics, Inc. provides consultation and technical support and DNA testing for research and development for other laboratories (see Collaborative Research Efforts)
  • In partnership with other diagnostics laboratories, DNA Diagnostics, Inc. is dedicated to obtaining accurate and reliable DNA test results in criminal and paternity cases in a timely manner


Forensic Entomological Expert Services

  • DNA Diagnostics, Inc. also offers technical support and advice, and scientific consultation, on the role that insects play in criminal and civil matters. 
  • Identification of insect evidence collected at crime scenes involving murder, suicide, accident, or suspected negligence
  • Identification of insect pests infestings food and/or stored products
  • Preparation of forensic entomology report
  • Review of forensic entomological data/information and report
  • Provide expert testimony in court
  • Offer presentations and Workshops that focus on forensic entomology training