Fee Schedule

DNA Paternity Test - Mother, Alleged Father & 1 Child or Alleged Father & 1 Child

Each Additional Alleged Father or Child Tested at the Same Time

Additional Person Added to Existing Case (within 6 months)

Prenatal Paternity Testing

Sibling or Grandparent Analysis *    

Additional Collection Kit

* Prices Vary According to Number of People

The fee schedule is subject to change without notice. DNA Diagnostics, Inc. continually strives to provide you with outstanding services. If we can be of assistance please call or EMAIL us using the numbers listed below.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: A signed "Motion to Retain Expert Witness Services" or a signed "Voucher for Expert" must be forwarded prior to scheduling of typing analyses. An itemized statement will be forwarded upon completion of trial. Fees are effective as of 01/01/15.

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Fee Schedule