Forensic Entomology Expert Services

Forensic Entomology Expert Services

Forensic entomology is the use of insects in criminal investigation where insects inhabit decomposing human bodies and remains. Many questions arising from a crime scene investigation can be answered through the use of forensic entomology. Such questions include an estimation of the time of death or postmortem interval (PMI), movement of a body from one location to another, determination of environmental conditions to which a body has been exposed, location of traumatic wound sites, and identification of toxicological deaths.

Other uses of forensic entomology include the identification of insects infesting food and stored products and insects infesting structures such as homes and buildings.

In all instances, forensic entomology has proven to be an effective tool for criminal and civil investigations. DNA Diagnostics, Inc. offers technical support and advice, and scientific consultation in a timely and economic manner, for criminal and civil matters. Other services offered by DNA Diagnostics, Inc. include:

  • Identification of insect evidence collected at crime scenes involving murder, suicide, accident, or suspected negligence
  • Identification of insect pests infecting food and/or stored products
  • Preparation of forensic entomology report
  • Review of forensic entomological data/information and report
  • Provide expert testimony in court
  • Offer presentations and Workshops that focus on forensic entomology training

Regardless of the reason for the need of a forensic entomologist, the goal is the same - to learn the truth and to make decisions based on sound science. For more specific information about forensic services offered or if we can be of assistance, please call or send us an email at

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